This massive fruit, cheese and meat buffet is impressive to have guests make their own appetizer plates during cocktail hour. Classy and rustic at the same time.

Sandwich Cake - definitely need to make this soon

Suursugune võileivatort - Grande Sandwich Cake Marol will have to translate this for me!

Sandwich Cake

Smörgåstårta Scandinavian Sandwich Cake Recipe

You will love to learn how to make this Smörgåstårta Scandinavian Sandwich Cake and it's perfect for all your get-togethers. Watch the video tutorial.


ma tarte sandwich / min smörgåstårta Traditional Swedish sandwich cake often used for family gatherings and celebrations (christenings, birthdays and end of exams)

How To Make A Smörgåstårta

When I first moved to Sweden from the US 11 years ago, I knew right away that I would have to adjust my palate and start eating traditional Swedish food. One of the first traditional Swedish foods I tried is called smorgastarta (smur-gos-tor-ta),.