#Midsummer party

For lagniappe. Swedish midsummer buffet: pickled herring, new potatoes, sour cream, dill, strawberries

Food for #midsummer in #Sweden

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#Fish with #egg and dill

with and dill

Swedish food stereotype

Breakfasts from Around the World by Photographer Oliver Schwarzwald. German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald recently did this series of photographs showcas


a wreath made with eyelash yarn looks like fresh grass. I think its a great Easter idea :D or spring idea haha. especially with the "bare feet welcome" sign


Love the idea of borrowing from Scandinavia's midsummer celebrations for our summer Christmas.

Wreaths for Midsommar

I was originally thinking a tiara, but I think this would go better with my dress and the theme. And the way I want to style my hair. As long as I get to wear a crown. Or make into a flower wreath.

New potatoes and strawberries are always included in the Swedish Midsommar Menu (and herring of course!)

Serious Entertaining: Swedish Midsummer

Herbed New Potato Salad 24 ozs new potatoes (larger, cut in two) 1 tsp salt cup balsamic vinegar (white) cup scallions (chopped) cup chopped parsley cup chives (chopped) cup extra virgin olive oil salt pepper

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