Josephine Baker! #werk

Josephine Baker (June 1906 – April was an American-born French dancer, singer, and actress. Born Freda Josephine McDonald in St. Louis, Missouri, she became a citizen of France in Fluent in both English and French.

Tina Weymouth + Grandmaster Flash

Grandmaster Flash (Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five) with Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads & Tom Tom Club). Flash sampled the Tom Tom hit titled "Genius of Love" when he created one of his groups first hits that was titled "It's Nasty".

Frida Kahlo. Ever defiant, she used her chest cast in hospital as a canvas

Frida Kahlo, Antonio Kahlo and his sister Isolde were the children of Frida’s sister Cristina. Frida adored children and was particularly close to her nephew and niece who were.

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Via Darkness-A Community of Beautiful Dark Skin People · Sept 2013 Powerful photo of actress Vonetta McGee while on the set of 'Blacula'.