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Work across content areas with an engaging project that highlights higher-level thinking, teamwork, and a #STEM focus. #science #lesson plan

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Work across content areas with an engaging project that highlights higher-level thinking, teamwork, and a STEM focus.

Seat-belt-related injury to the front of the trunk

Forensic Investigation - Motor Vehicle Accidents and Motor Vehicle-Pedestrian Accidents: Overview, Definitions, Scene Findings

Since the 1930s, physicians have been integral in recognizing patterns of injuries that result from motor vehicle accident and have suggested design changes that, once adapted, led to fewer injuries and fatalities. That role has reduced over the years.

Screwdriver-related penetrating injuries

Forensic Autopsy of Sharp Force Injuries: Overview, Definitions, Scene Findings

Injuries produced by pointed objects or objects with sharp edges are referred to as

Forensics Detectives: Who did it? Lab Grades 6-8

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Contact entrance gunshot wound with muzzle imprint

Forensic Pathology

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Shotgun Entrance Wounds

Blunt Force Injuries

Bruising on the neck due to manual strangulation


Asphyxia: Condition in which supply of oxygen to blood and tissues has been reduced below the normal level by some interference with respiration. 1. Disease of circulatory or respiratory system 2. Interferance with respirations Breathing in atmosphere deficient in oxygen. Inhalation of irrespirable gases like CO. Poisoning with respiratory center depression like narcotics & anesthetics. Mechanical interference with reapiration. Signs of Asphyxia: Cyanosis (due to stasis and congestion)…

Human decomposition stain left on a mattress.

regretiscontagious: Autopsy Y-Cut Scarificiation


regretiscontagious: “ Autopsy Y-Cut Scarificiation ”

Autopsy tools

Autopsy tools

Some of the tools used by the prosector in performing an autopsy

The Lizzie Borden Trial: Autopsy Results...Abby, which they did on the kitchen table.

Lizzie Borden

A collection of primary documents, essays, ancient texts, maps, photos, paintings and other materials relating to the Lizzie Borden trial of 1893.

Pathologist creating a map of stab wounds in a homicide victim.

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