"Dubbel pärlspont" on the bathroom walls? http://www.byggfabriken.com/sortiment/list-och-panel/panel/info/produkter/258-120-dubbelpaerlspont/

Vintage-style bathroom with bead board paneling and silver hardware. Im thinking bead board in our guest bath!

Halftile bath. York pattern. http://www.byggfabriken.com/sortiment/kakel-och-klinker/golvplattor-och-moenster/info/produkter/321-110-victorian-tiles-york/

wall mounted shower valve (instead of inside the wall), glass room divider, white subway tiles. even with a window in the shower.

the tiles

nice minimal sink, we like the white wall tile + dark hex floor tile, and we like the shelves built on the wall.

Riktig gammal glasverandan med pelargonior. Love it!

Inside a traditional Swedish glassed porch at summertime with lots of geraniums