Homemade wasp trap. Finally found this again! Putting this on the balcony!

DIY wasp trap (wonder if this will work on hornets and yellowjackets too?

how to remove water rings from wooden furniture--good to know!

how to remove water rings from wooden furniture--good to know! using a hair dryer or an iron to get rid of water rings. We used a blow dryer on high. We held it fairly close to the stain. Slowly it started disappearing!

Tutorial: how to make your own labels the easy and cheap way!

DIY labels - iron transfer paper and ribbon to make your own clothing tags

how to make gift bows

DIY gift wrap bow from magazine pages or any old scrap paper. For a fuller bow, use thicker, longer strips. More sturdy paper will make a more sturdy bow. Fun and easy to play around with!

shoe size chart for when I make baby booties

shoe size chart for baby booties; Infant Shoes Sizes for months;Toddler Shoes Sizes for years

Painting without spilling to much!

Stretch a rubber band over your gallon of paint to swipe the extra paint off of your brush. (If I manage to do this without spilling the entire gallon of paint getting the rubberband on, it's truly a genius idea.

Simply So Good: Old Fashion Lemonade

Old Fashion Lemonade Concentrate from the Anne of Green Gables cookbook.they had me at "Anne of Green Gables".

DIY T-Shirt Yarn - cleaning out my closet and I am totally doing this with t-shirts I don't like/wear anymore

DIY T-Shirt Yarn . Will definitely have to do this with the t-shirts that don't tie-dye as I'd like them to. Does anyone have any completed t-shirt-yarn projects to share?

Make your own gift bag:)

How to DIY Gift Bags from old wrapping paper!why not just use the paper to wrap the gift then? But nice to know how to make the bag