The Stairway to Heaven; The steps include more than 2,000 handmade tiles and 75,000 fragments of stained glass, mirrors, and tiles.

San Francisco’s Mosaic Staircase. Hidden art gem in San Francisco; head to and Moraga to discover The Avenue Tiled Steps. Not only will you be able to see some amazing views of the city, you'll get to appreciate a beautiful mosaic running up 163 steps.

When Architecture Goes Insaaaaane!!!

Check out the new Mumbai Apartment complex The Aquaria Grande, with its Floating Balcony Pools. Designed by Hong Kong architect James Law, the plans for this incredible dream residence actually have swimming pools in the place of balconies.

The Badass Balloon-Held Reception Desk

Hot Desk by Boys and Girls: Dublin creative agency Boys and Girls has installed a new reception desk supported by giant Jenga blocks at one end and balloons at the other. Photographs by Liam Murphy.

LOFT I L♥VE » bar resto bistro boh

Not a kitchen==but would make a nice design for one, I think. AP: interior design of 12 coffeeshops around the world. This one (with the world map) is my favorite :) None of them really look cozy enough, but there's some cool design/ideas

Musical ski lift chairs, Jara Mountains, France.

Funny pictures about Music note chair lift. Oh, and cool pics about Music note chair lift. Also, Music note chair lift.

Vibrant Paint Patterns Brighten Up Beirut's Urban Landscapes

Beirut Vibrant Paint Patterns Brighten Up Urban Landscapes - My Modern Metropolis

Jenga-Like Hotel Idea Uses Shipping Containers as Rooms

TOP 10 shipping container structures of 2014 designboom- the ‘hive-inn’ is a conceptual hotel structure designed by hong-kong-based OVA studio

Lego Bridge

Giant LEGO bridge in Germany Last fall, German street artist Martin Heuwold (aka Megx) gave this bridge in Wuppertal, Germany a LEGO Brick paint makeover. via Colossal

Non-Photoshopped Anamorphic Illusions by Felice Varini

Non-Photoshopped Anamorphic Illusions by Felice Varini - My Modern Metropolis

The PANIC Room!!!

The Half Graffiti Hotel Room Imagine walking into your hotel room and experiencing this! Artist Tilt has created Panic Room inside the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France. The unique hotel has.

Starbucks Creates Portable Drive-Thru Coffee Shop

Starbucks gets all drive-thru and beautiful! An Experimental New Starbucks Store: Tiny, Portable, And Hyper Local

From Church To Modern House

Wonen in een kerk - The Converted Church of Living, a chapel converted into a residence in Utrecht. By ZECC Architects.

Mademoiselle Maurice and The Legend Of The 1000 Paper Cranes

This summer French paper artist Mademoiselle Maurice (previously) took her unique style of urban origami installation to the streets of Hong Kong and Vietnam