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Muumimuki Håll Sverige Rent, sininen. Tämä muki on myynnissä ainoastaan ruotsalaisten jälleenmyyjien kautta. toimipaikka on Ruotsissa. Muki on myynnissä vain rajoitetun ajan. Håll Sverige Rent Moomin mug blue is a limited edition product sold exclusively by Swedish resellers. Scandinavian Design Center ship worldwide from our office and warehouse in Sweden. Do not miss your chance to own this exclusive Moomin product.

Håll Sverige Rent Moomin mug number 2 from Arabia is produced in collaboration with the Swedish environmental organization Håll Sverige Rent. The exclusive Moomin mug is sold in a limited edition and can only be purchased by Swedish resellers.

Rime plastic rug from Swedish brand Nordic Nest. Available in different lengths and colors.

Woods plastic rug in black and white from Nordic Nest.

Fade plastic rug black from Nordic Nest. Made in Sweden.

Knit rug dusty blue is a plastic rug from Swedish brand Nordic Nest. Available in different lenghts and colors.

Knit plastic rugs in pastel colors from Nordic Nest. All rugs are made in Sweden.

Fade black plastic rug, made in Sweden from the brand Nordic Nest.

Woods rug and Rime rug in black & white from Nordic Nest. Available in different lenghts. Made in Sweden.

Rime concrete rug from the Swedish brand Nordic Nest. Plastic rugs made in Sweden.