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Modesty Tyrwhitt

Modesty Tyrwhitt
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Eastern bongo calf

A two-week-old Eastern Bongo calf looks out from under her mother at Sydneys Taronga Zoo. Eastern (or Highlands) Bongos are critically endangered with as few as 75 remaining in small groups of six to 12 animals in their Kenyan upland range.

.It looks like Lisa Frank's drawings came to life!

Never leave your dalmation alone with your child who happens to have markers - especially, Sharpie's! This would be neat to actually ALLOW your kids to color your dalmation but not with Sharpie Markers. I was thinking more like WASHABLE markers, lol.

Solar Powered Moving Cat Toy

Solar Powered Cat Tantalizer - Keeping a cat entertained is no easy task, and when there is time to entertain, it can be tiring quickly. This solar powered window-sticking toy automatically simulates the behavior of prey to tantalize felines for hours.

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