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Rainbow hair!!! @nicoledelrio you nailed it

Vivid red with black shadow color #hair #redombre #shadowcolor

dropdeadbeautiesxo: “ Please check out my youtube https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCJKkDLsBN4g7v0KlyYjmY0g ”

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Vibrant purple and blue ombre hair.. if I did this I doubt it would look this good haha.. but I love the colors!

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Mermaid blue ombre hair color to green~ Amazing Ocean blue ombre mermaid hair by our girl Moorea Wolf ~

Hoku) I was walking home late one night when I ran into a group of guys. "Oh s-sorry" I say and try to walk away but one of them grabs my arm. "Hold on kid. An apology is not enough." He smirks and drags me into the alley and throws me down. His friends walk up and start to kick me a little. "W-wait wh-what do you want?" I ask and start to cry but they keep kicking me. One of them picks me up and pins me against the wall and starts to choke me. "Hey get off of her!" I hear someone yell.

Blue purple pink galaxy ombre scene hair