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Cute packaging design and just makes me think of good coffee! From Behance by Todd Bordy curated by Packaging Diva PD. For a type and layout class and thought it would be fun to come up with and brand a Coffee Shop

Black Bear Brews

This was for a Type and Layout class but there were literally no constraints on what we were to design with this assignment other than having to get approval of our idea from the professor. I've always thought it would be fun to come up with and brand a C…

Here's a pin Federico Poscek with all the coffee packages together. Rio Coffee, Single Origins by Voice Design PD

Rio Coffee, Single Origins

"Rio Coffee have visited four corners of the Earth to source exceptional-quality single-origin coffee beans. Only fitting then, that the packaging should convey the same excitement and enthusiasm with which the beans have been sourced and locally roasted. Each box is adorned with captivating imagery of its homeland, telling a vivid tale of the landscape, people, coffee production and, of course, enjoyment." We love the beautiful illustrations that perfectly captures each origin perfectly.

Pretty pixel #packaging #design for a new coffee brand PD

Cafiné: Coffee Packaging Design

Pretty pixel #packaging #design for a new coffee brand PD

Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Designed by Partly Sunny


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Starbucks 3 Region Blend

Starbucks 3 Region Blend

I spotted this "Fresh and Lively" package design for Starbucks 3 Region Blend at the Union Station store in LA. I quickly snapped a photo in line. After a brief reach out to our friends at Starbucks, we have an exclusive look at the design.

Eastern Sun - dried nuts by Shemanoff. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design

Солнце востока – орехи сухофрукты от Shemanoff | The Best Packaging

Компания: Солнце востока / Торговая марка: Солнце востока / Агентство: Shemanoff СИТУАЦИЯ С 1996 года компания «Солнце востока» является одним из крупнейших поставщиков сырья для кондитерски...

#packaging #design

screen_shot_2013-04-30_at_4.51.11_pm.png by Josh Kennedy

Starbucks Anniversary Blend - The Dieline -

Starbucks Anniversary Blend

Starbucks Anniversary Blend is as distinctive as they come. "This is a bold, confident coffee that we believe gets better every year it graces [your] palates. The secret to this blend? It contains aged coffee beans from Indonesia. You see, aged beans develop some interesting characteristics as they mature." This year Starbucks opted for a more traditional direction to their Anniversary Blend, featuring the iconic mermaid, by placing her image on the bag. The graphical elements around the…

Starbucks Tribute Blend

Starbucks Tribute Blend

Starbucks created Tribute Blend® to celebrate the company’s 40th anniversary, to honor customers and partners, and to recognize the accomplishments of the coffee producers and roasters."Tribute Blend® combines four of customers’ all-time favorite coffees from all three growing regions. TheSun-Dried Ethiopia coffee, with an exotic flourish of dark cherry, is from Africa. Aged Sumatra comes from the Asia/Pacific region, featuring deep notes of cedar and sweet. Also originating from the…

Ah le pouvoir du noir ! Packaging inspiration

Packaging inspiration | #609

Ah le pouvoir du noir ! Packaging inspiration

Fuel coffee branding Uploaded by user

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Excellent vintage design

The Unseen Bean - Art and design inspiration from around the world - CreativeRoots

What a cool design project for “The Unseen Bean“. Really nice illustrations that represent the coffee’s origin. Designed by The Tenfold Collective