Sixten J

Sixten J

Visby, Gotland / Whimsical 18-year-old from Sweden. Likes the 70's, The Ark, Sigur Ros, David Bowie, Jefferson Airplane, The Beatles, Patrick Wolf, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes a
Sixten J
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Tear dress by Elsa Schiaparelli and Salvador Dalí

Here's the dress Penny curiously chose for her wedding gown--a dress Joanna had to practically sign her life away to borrow. It's from Schiaparelli's 1938 Circus collection.

hanthelion: “ mysubete: “ Ahahaha~ the back of yo head is so dope.

A postcard from Paul to Ringo after a fight while recording Back in the U.S.S.R.

beatlesneveroutofstyle: Paul Mccartney sent Ringo Starr a postcard on January 1969 (the day after the band’s performance on the roof of Apple Studios) saying: “You are the greatest drummer in the world.