Geography Theme Study: Land Forms charts by children from

After learning about land forms students can better visualize them by coloring a chart to keep with them. Or I could make the chart and have it hang in the classroom for reference.

Geography Interactive Notebook Fun

Geography Interactive Notebook Fun

This resource helps students with vocabulary words. The students make each picture like a flap and write the definition of each word/picture underneath. I would use this at the beginning of the unit to help the students understand each vocab word.

Les Legumes

Food Vintage Kitchen Poster - 3 sizes available, one low price

printable bingo cards

play a set number of times @ finale, each kid gets to play 1 round (if people are waiting) add in community heroes?

Here's a simple Animal Kingdom Classification Chart.

This is a simple Animal Kingdom Classification Chart. You may post it up on the wall or place it in a display folder for a Science Center. You may also print it on Transparency film for

Tecken som stöd: Husdjur

Tecken som stöd: Husdjur