glittered candle sticks---buy cheap wooden candle sticks from the craft store and cover them in glitter!

cheap wooden candle sticks from the craft store covered in glitter///This could be cute mixed in with the single-dahlia-in-a-bottle centerpieces, or near the buffet or something.maybe even with tissue paper flowers instead of real ones?


Black candelabra - you can make this cheap. get a dozen candelabra for maybe a buck or so each online, spray paint them black, add purple candles. elegant center piece, very cheap.


Planning a holiday themed special event? These festive candles from our Holiday Party Favors Collection are a seasonal sensation The room will be overflowing with holiday spirit when your guests arrive.


Christmas Candles - I think I will try using battery candles instead & place as night lights around house at Christmas


Use lg. Place color of sand you prefer in bottom. Then a layer of small colored sea shells. Last place candle in center of shells and push down lightly into sand.


DIY Floating Candle Centerpiece Ideas for Wedding, Valentine, Christmas or Any Occasions.


22 Marvelous DIY Ideas For Candle Holders Starch lace, burlap, and shape around glass holder - Amazingly DIY