:: Vintage :: by Liek.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I have compiled a collection of worthy vintage photography that Deviantart desperately needs to see! Enjoy and feel free to browse :slow: Beautiful Vintage Photography

:: Dark rose :: by Liek on DeviantArt

Sorry to the people that are bored by these but I happen to love roses in all colors and shapes Please do not use my work for anything at all!

Purple by *Liek

Just received my new sigma lens today Tips and tricks are welcome since this is new for me. And yes I know I should use fresh flowers next time Recolore.

Protection by Eireen on DeviantArt

Protection by Eireen on DeviantArt

:Vivarium: by Eireen on DeviantArt

My mind has wandered to snakes tonight and how they always seem to get the short end of the stick. Snakes have been linked over the year.

:: Fallen :: by Liek on DeviantArt

I missed my wacom DETAIL: [link] --Credits-- Model *Lisajen-stock Background: purchased from renderosity.

:: Jump :: by Liek on DeviantArt

DETAIL: [link] Tools used: Nikon to take my own pictures.

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