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PrideWing - Chimera Courier - Diffuse Only by TylerCHunter

The DiffuseOnly View of my Dota 2 Chimera Courier, “PrideWing” More versions to come in the future.

Dragon Trainer Lulu by maddytaylor

🐉🎀💜 this is the outfit for my dragon trainer lulu cosplay! I'm working on her staff now!

Blubber Busters: Eva by maddytaylor

Blubber Busters: Eva by maddytaylor

Rudy by codybunt

Here’s Rudys model for the game Blubber Busters that im working on!

Two Komainu #4 from Shinto Shrine. Japan by ssh4

Two Komainu from Shinto Shrine. Japan by Vlad - model


One of the biggest scoops out of Japanese magazines this week focuses on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV – the CGI companion film set to launch ahead of Final Fantasy XV proper. Both Dengeki PlayStation and Famitsu have major spreads focusing … Continue rea

Knight Artorias by samize

Knight Artorias by samize

Jolly the Shotgun, Low Poly 3d-Coat texture test by tsabszy

pbr texturing test for my Jolly Shotgun design for my entry on last year’s blizzardfest contest (Medibat Character)

Old Gold Chinese Door by falconssj

Old Gold Chinese Door by Danilo Nunes Paulo - model

Backpack by muka

Backpack by Maxim Dorokhov

Workflow 3/3 : Painting (WIP) by hansolocambo

Workflow : Painting (WIP) by hansolocambo

Game Props - Low Poly, eric harianto on ArtStation at…

It's been a long time since my last post in Artstation, finally I can come back to modelling. Here some model (Accessories) that I've made for my Character. Since I haven't fully finish texturing my character, I'll show you some