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herbwicc: “Finally finished pages three and four of the “Common House Plants” care guide in my grimoire! Here are pages one and two . ”


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Do you have ants in your pants? Of course not! But you might have them in your home and garden area. Learn how to prevent ants from invading your living spaces with these 9 natural and cost effective products from HybridRastaMama.com.  #pestcontrol #ants #bugspray #greenliving via @hybridrastamama


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If you have a big yard, great–grow your peas in the yard. If you don’t, you can still have fresh, fantastic peas for your dinner table. What you need: pea seeds (pick your kind: English…


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Come learn everything you need to know to start garden seeds indoors for strong and healthy seedlings, including supplies needed, tips for timing, and step-by-step instructions to sow seeds - and how take care if young seedlings! #seedstarting #gardentips #gardening #growyourown
I planted some seeds with this free item and some without, and I couldn’t believe the difference in seed germination rates! A whopping 96% vs 34%. If you’re starting seeds indoors, you’ve gotta try this. #gardeningtips #startingseeds #frugalthumb
#GardeningLogo #GardenTips

Pre-Sprouting Seeds

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Diy home decor   Diy home decor

Farm Layout

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How to attract and increase earthworms in your soil and garden to build healthy soil. Add organic matter, reduce fertilizing needs, and promote no till gardening with worms and healthy soil life.


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Growing Your Own Wheat  Plant grain in your garden! Here’s how to grow wheat at home for the best bread ever! Now to get some non Americanized wheat seeds from Europe and I'll be set!
"Although grain is still grown and harvested by hand in many parts of the world, in the United States this skill is practically lost.  Having done just a bit of this myself, the thing that impresses me the most is how long it takes to do this by hand.  Compare this to modern agricultural me


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*Best Farm Animals for Beginners Who Want to Raise Livestock*  These are the best farm animals for beginners! If you're looking to start farming, start with these best farm animals for beginners.


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Diy & Craft Tips & Hacks Reuse & Recicle Fashion & Beauty Health Food Art Holidays Creative People DIY "Creativity is intelligence having fun "-Albert Einstein
garden plants for outdoors #OutdoorPlants

Lemon Tree

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Don't have a garden? No problem. Follow these easy guides to grow various vegetables and fruits indoors.


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18 Amazing Vinegar Uses in the Garden | Balcony Garden Web


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If I ever have a garden info

When to Plant

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How to Set up a Pig Pen


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How to Grow Fruit Trees - Beginners Guide to Growing Amazing Fruit
Start your orchard off on the right foot! Learn how to plant fruit trees so your backyard or homestead orchard will thrive! | Homestead Honey

Fruit Trees

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How to plant garlic by using moon phases and expected frost dates. Growing garlic is really easy and home grown garlic tastes so much better than store bought! Just follow these instructions on how to plant garlic in the fall for a summer harvest! #homesteading #homestead #gardening

Waning Moon

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Nigerian Dwarf goats are a great choice for any size homestead, and those who are short on space. Nigerian goats are the perfect small scale dairy animal.
Messagerie - Brigitte Santerre - Outlook


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Yet another use for the Mason jar. With just a few steps and supplies, this easy DIY hummingbird feeder will attract awe-inspiring creatures to your yard. We'll show you how to make DIY hummingbird nectar, too! #hummingbirdfeeder #masonjarcraft #summerdiy #bhg
Umbrella Quad Bracket for Hummingbird Feeders... if you can't find that, place a 4x4 post in the ground. Secure planter to top of post. Attach four hooks then hang feeders.


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Learn about what to forage in fall! Autumn is an abundant time for foraging and wildcrafting. Fall foraging includes berries, nuts, roots, and mushrooms. #fall #foraging #forage #wildcrafting #autumn #acorns #mushrooms #berries #roots #foraging #edibleflowers
Clean foraged plants with this easy 4-step system to remove unwanted debris, insects, and more before eating or using for remedy making.
Rabbit Ridge Farm: Foraging: Violets Plus a Violet Syrup Recipe

Wild Plants

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Straw bale gardening, also sometimes called hay bale gardening despite the difference in material, uses the bales themselves as both garden bed and growing medium. The result is an inexpensive method of growing organic vegetables.

Straw Bale Gardening

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Tapping trees for syrup is a simple and rewarding process to put sugar and sweeteners into the homegrown pantry.
Tapping Trees and Making Syrup - Real Food - MOTHER EARTH NEWS. (You can use any large pot for boiling down, it is smart to do it outside.)
How to Tap Maple Trees and Make Maple Syrup: I bet you thought tapping trees and making maple syrup was strictly a rural practice! Well, I'm here to tell you it can be done in the city. We've successfully made syrup in our backyard, smack dab in the middle of the city.

Maple Syrup

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10 of the Most Nutritious Fall Wild Edibles 1. Hickory 2. Black Walnut 3. Pine…
Morel identification


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Boost magnesium for roses, peppers, tomatoes.
Good info

Epsom Salt

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Working on goals for healthier eating?  Victory gardens are a part of American history.  Know what is in your food, when you are growing your own ingredients! Simple Changes.  Powerful Results.


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Do you dream of harvesting your own homegrown fruits and veggies, but don’t have a garden with enough space to grow them? It is an often-made mistake a garden requires a large space. Actually, planting vegetables and fruits in containers is a practical way to let you have tasty, homegrown foods. You can arrange this [...]


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Learn how to plant and grow carrots – DIY tutorial #gardeninghowto


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