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Thalassophile (n.) a lover of the sea, someone who loves the sea, ocean.

Yes I donot know why I love the ocean the sound of waves, beach, the sunset and sunrise and ofcourse the color of the ocean.do I love myilu?

nemophilist. say it. it... well it tastes good, for lack of a better word. nemo is latin for no-one. this literaly means 'one who thinks alone'. loosely.

International Words We Need To Inject Into Our Vocabulary

Nemophilist (a haunter of the woods, one who loves the forest and it;s beauty and solitude. I am definitely one nemophilist!

Petrichor. Tänker mig en fas där Leo flyr ut i skogen för att samla sig och bla beskriver doften av jorden efter ett regn.

I Love that there's a word for the smell of earth after rain . Our sense of smell is one of the strongest memory triggers and the smell of earth after rain is one of the most nostalgic smells.

A love returned in full <3

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