how to draw a mandala

how to draw a mandala Mehr

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How to Choose the Right Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

Colour wheel - showing warm/cold colours

Secondary colors appear on the color wheel between the two primary colors that made them.



Olaf snowman craft

Cardboard Tube Olaf: Snowman from Frozen by Amanda Formaro of Crafts by Amanda

Pyssel för barn

Snow lantern in sugar

2e leven van bestek. Leuk!

Love the idea of spelling in sign language/-bent fork hooks - rock on, peace and love!

I den 10:e luckan hittar vi Tomtemor och Tomtegubben. En dag sa mamma: Bort jag måste fara, nu får ni lova mig att snälla vara. […] Sen rodde mamman...

Lucka 10: Garntomte

I den luckan hittar vi Tomtemor och Tomtegubben.

good idea!!

diy cement candle holders from yogurt cup molds

Sarah Lotfi Hene‎- Art Teachers-- FB Page.

For if I ever get a sink in my art rooms. It's really sad, 2 schools, 2 art rooms & not one sink in either.

Sverige - Sweden!

In the 1700 Peter began a long war with Sweden and dominated the Baltic region.

muñeco nieve dactilares - Cerca amb Google

Snowman fingerprint art- cute wintertime craft with kids

Color theory review sheet made for Studio in Art. Revised from

Elements of Art: Colour Wheel Worksheet and Lesson link to another pin about warm and cool colours.

Hands, Head 'n Heart in the Artroom: Color wheel

Hands, Head 'n Heart in the Artroom: Color wheel Más


This is such a cool art project, at school we did it with different colors.