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Ebba Tingsdal Pekkala

Ebba Tingsdal Pekkala
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No, Blaise, what he needs is Harry... ;D

Tho I don't even ship Drarry, (I find it's a weird concept, tho I'm not against homosexuals , I don't really see the romance throughout the books) this is still funny

The reactions are sometimes better then the actions themselves. x3

Professors Snape, Dumbledore and Slughorn in the back ground is gold! They may be extremely powerful, wise and all knowing- wizards and yet teenage girl drama fascinates Dumbledore, baffles Snape and terrifies Slughorn.

Nobody is immune to the charms of the Harry Potter series. Whether you be a witch, wizard, Muggle, or member of the royal family, there's...

Tom: "We're not really enemies. We love each other really." Daniel: "I have Polaroids that I can show you of Tom with his hair." Tom: "Shut up." Daniel: "All spiked up." Tom: "Shut up now.