Scandinavian Summer Night, Laxå, Örebro, SWEDEN. By Filip Nystedt    Night is never totally dark during summer - especially when it is full moon.  Photo taken at 23:42 hrs local time

Scandinavian Summer Night ~~ Laxå, Örebro, SWEDEN -=- Night is Never totally Dark During Summer, Especially when it's Full Moon. Taken at Hrs. Local Time :: Photo By Filip Nystedt, Wow !

Glad midsommar! Happy Midsummer! :-D

happy little girl in flowers wreath lying on green grass: Lizenzfreie Bilder und Fotos

yum yum

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Early sunrise upstream Säveån in Alingsås, Sweden.

An early wintermorning I went to the creek to take some photos. The morninglight made the sets mystic blue.