The peace and true compassion I've gained nothing has ever felt so transcending in life. #veganlife

Kristin I. Peterson on

soaking in a chocolate pudding bath (thickened with gelitan) feels soooooooooo luxurious . just sayin'"

True!!! I remember having a very in depth conversation with my sister about veganism when I was still vegetarian... I said I would never become vegan, because it is 'too extreme' :,D that was before I knew what happened to the animals in the dairy/egg/honey industry

that was before I stopped ignoring what happens to the animals in the dairy/egg/honey/meat/fur industry

Hahahaha so true

Hahahaha so true. Well, I'm vegetarian (thinking vegan). And yes, I get th same question often. Actually, it's out f ethical responsibility but these days I add th climate reasoning. Difrent than ago, people seem better

The best feeling! I love being vegan!

I dont eat land animals but I still eat fish (little). Frm th day I dont eat these anymore I will post this wth pride & gladness

Vegan Truth... Food for thought! there is no difference #vegan perception

6 Cruelty Free And Vegan Sunscreen For Healthy Skin This Summer!

"We all have lungs to breathe, legs to walk, ears to hear, a nose to smell, a…

love animals? don't eat them #vegan

I despise animals, I'm a Nasty Anglo Norman & I hate animals, that includes other human animals !

~ #GoVegan #vegan #veganism

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~ Yes, especially when there were so many SIMPLE and EASY recipes to make from all the Latin brain-dead vegetables and nuts and dyed blonde dead ducks