Rustic Wedding Chalkboard

Southern Rustic Barn Wedding At Vinewood

between two families the knot will be tied, so pick a seat and not a side! love the chalkboard idea


I like the small braids, and the side updo. I love for bridesmaid hair!

Brilliant! Time to meet each other...

Megan + Frank: A Sweet Vintage Wedding

today, two families become one, so pick a seat, not a side. Love this idea! I hate getting shoved to one side! it's always the side where I can't see my "friend's" face!

reception and ceremony signs

Make sure your guests know where to go with these clever wedding ceremony and reception signs. Kel, I know you you're looking at signs to make for the wedding.

wedding menu chalkboard

DIY Country Chic Wedding

Have your wedding catered by a food truck probably not the burgers but there is some really gourmet stuff from food trucks these days!---light dinner and then food trucks?

Plywood & Chalkboard paint for menu, event list, thank you, etc...

Budget Friendly Vintage Whimsy Wedding

chalkboard wedding menu

Hudson Valley Weddings - 10 Creative Chalkboard Ideas for Weddings - chalkboard wedding menu