Rustic Wedding Chalkboard

Southern Rustic Barn Wedding At Vinewood

Such a good idea. The whole bride's side/groom's side thing is so outdated! Especially when there are people who know both and don't know which side to sit on.


I like the small braids, and the side updo. I love for bridesmaid hair!

Brilliant! Time to meet each other...

Megan + Frank: A Sweet Vintage Wedding

today, two families become one, so pick a seat, not a side. Love this idea! I hate getting shoved to one side! it's always the side where I can't see my "friend's" face!

reception and ceremony signs

Make sure your guests know where to go with these clever wedding ceremony and reception signs. Kel, I know you you're looking at signs to make for the wedding.

great idea for Thank You cards -- maybe instead of paper we could use a chalkboard, or a fabric banner...

Fun idea for your thank you cards. Print this photo in wallet size and add to you thank you's, or do thank you post cards.

wedding menu chalkboard

DIY Country Wedding

Have your wedding catered by a food truck probably not the burgers but there is some really gourmet stuff from food trucks these days!---light dinner and then food trucks?