Light Table Mandalas with various materials. Setting this up for wishes for graduates. : )

Light Table Mandalas with various materials. We’ve used buttons, glass beads, shells, and bottle caps.The children are constantly looking for more small material collections to use in their.

Reggio Emilia inspired light table play from Play at Home Mom

Pinned for idea of placing another container on top of our light box to contain manipulatives - thinking fun with water beads. Play At Home Mom - Website full of great activities

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Educators must trust that the classroom environment will act as the “Third Teacher” and it’s intentional organization and placement of materials will support student learning. Playfully Inspired: A Journey Through Early Learning ≈≈

valentine's ideas

Great for a multitude of skills - cutting, gluing, painting, other kindergarten readiness skills. Just because you need repetition across sessions doesn't mean it can't be cute and fun and measurable!