"HÄR KAN VI FIRA JUL HELA LIVET": Ett julreportage hos Frida och Harry i deras gamla 1800-tals hus utanför Tibro, publicerat i Drömhem & Trädgård 13/2014 | Av Anna Truelsen & text Carina Olander | Made in Persbo

Jul hos Frida och Harry - Lun Nostalgi -reportage i Lev landlig (My Lovely Things!

Rurally yours, ...

I first discovered Sweden when I was 7 years old when I came to visit a friend (Ullis) who had been at school with me in London. We spent the summer at her family's summer cottage in Dalarna, swimmin

Gorgeous hand-painted and spattered wall via LUNDAGARD. (Use Google Translate.) LUNDAG On RD | decor, family life, building conservation, rural life, vintage, color & shape

Inset the end supports on the table to allow for an additional chair. I would need only eight chairs, therefore a smaller table.