A white farm from 1907 | home of Daniella Witte - FLOS Gatto adds a touch of modern elegance to this contemporary living room with hardwood floors, navy and gray accents and greenery.

A white farm from 1907

sovrum-petra tungården

sovrum-petra tungården -- I add: I actually really don't like plain bulbs without a diffuser of some sort -- it hurts my eyes to look at them and it's just harsh on the eyes. But decoration-wise, the bulbs do look cool in this photo.

Soffgruppen och väggfärgen

4 sätt att förnya hemmet på ett hållbart sätt

What a beautiful and unique home this is. The green color on the living room wall is a hit and combined with the difficult kind of woods and the leather sofa there is a nice contrast. In the kitchen I - Modern Living Room

Förändra med färg (fixa & dona)

Картинки по запросу каким цветом покрасить кирпичную стену

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