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wood, grey & black The idea of having a raw timber stool with items placed on top in an assortment. Placed in front of a grey backdrop or perhaps in front of the chalkboard door.

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IKEA - BILD, Bild, Du kan göra ditt hem mer personligt med konstverk som uttrycker din stil.

IKEA BILD Poster Manhattan map cm You can personalise your home with artwork that expresses your style.


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"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind." The Quote Noora from Skam has on her wall. Such a good quote you really should keep in the back of your head.

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budgettips, dekorera dina väggar med tavlor och prints

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IKEA Billy bookcase: Leave an extra-wide shelf at shoulder height, so you have space for a mirror and to display some treasured items. A curtain is a nice touch, too.

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