Life goal: learn a new language (Swedish)

Man får sig ett gott skratt! Vi låter ju smått galna när talesätten översätts. :-)

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NOTE: Three names have changed. Gredelin (which we sometimes also called violet) has become purple. And skär has become pink.

SWEDISH BASIC PHRASE, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ2xRNTeMb0

Im learning Svenska😉

Swedish word

Swedish words for fruits

English - Svenska

Time in Swedish

I'm Swedish and I'm a little offended..... if someone bumps in to me I just say "Men de vad då de själva faan. Vad i helvete göra du din jävla fitta!" Hahhahhahha lol

A lesson in Swedish. This is from the book: Sweden - The Secret Files by Communications expert Colin Moon. So true!

Beginning Norwegian? Here are a few essential phrases to practice and build your confidence!

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Veckans dagar Swedish

Veckans dagar Swedish

Swedish. Vara (to be) och Ha (to have)

Vara (to be) och Ha (to have) Swedish


Clothing - Swedish words with English translations

Prepositions (this is not Norwegian bokmål and I'm not even sure if it's Norwegian at all)

Prepositions (this is not Norwegian bokmål and I'm not even sure if it's…

Office and school supplies. English - Swedish

Office + School Supplies in Swedish

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Swedish words for various occupations

Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sign Language, Asd, Montessori, School Supplies, Communication, Heaven, Culture, Germany