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Everything. I'm tellin' ya. This fandom has a gif/image for EVERYTHING. and it's fantastic

As funny as the whole "Sam is a moose" thing is, I was already DYING of laughter just from the fact that a moose just walked into a grocery store and was lured out with a single apple

Supernatural--I love these writers.

33 Real Lines From "Supernatural" That You Can't Believe Aired On TV. Some day I want to tell someone they are a great big bag of dicks. Saving it for the perfect moment.

soon people are just going to start saying things that revolve around supernatural. Oh wait...... we already do that.

Looooooooool Castiel asking Sam if he have a Guinea pig! Sam: well they didn't have a guinea pig. Cas: you have a guinea pig? I'm the guinea pig.

Sammy moose

SUPERNATURAL QUOTES - Sam is unamoosed - I found this ridiculously funny. Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki<<<< I laughed out loud and my cousin was staring at me.