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America bought me a rose because I played video games with him. It's funny because that is actually something I can see him doing

deviantART: More Like Hetalia Birthday Scenario Game by ~CatnipMew. Italy ate my hamburger because that's all he could think of.<<<China got me drunk on vodka because he thinks I`m a power ranger

Hunger games birthday game. I joined the rebels with Effie trinket because I started a rebellion

I won the Hunger Games with Peeta because I'm the Mockingjay xD <-- How flippin awesome is mine?<<< I danced with president snow cause I started a rebellion

Professor Dumbledore is cursed into a ferret to get rid of Professor Umbridge

mad eye moody turned a corridor into a swamp because he is using the dark arts>>Lord Voldemort blew up a toilet using the dark arts