How to Build a Simple Entry Arbor...I think we're going to build this!

How to Build a Simple Entry Arbor

How to Build a Simple Entry Arbor Maybe try it with bamboo pieces instead of wood?

Dekorstein gir en fin avslutning inn mot husveggen.

Pavers of a few different small sizes mix with river stone to create a rich effect, simply executed.

Dark Clematis

The work of Vladimir Kanevsky. He first came to this country from the Soviet Union in the late He creates beautiful porcelain flowers. He is one of those artisans who raises the bar for refinement and beauty, creating magic out of clay and metal.

Bildresultat för pergola kukkala

fence around pool - half the height, but use the wire frame for climbers. (have same steel wire veg garden - it's brilliant) Pergola trellis

Building a Plant Obelisk

Building a Plant Obelisk

Plan for a simple obelisk- add finial on top and put over electrical box out…

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