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Dogs are THE best!ad this would be cute if you made your own on canvas and used your dogs actual paw print and then have his memory forever!

Fur Baby Tattoos

Custom dog and cat pet portraits by Kudzu Monster Illustrated in a unique tattoo floral style from photos you provide. I take color scheme preferences and some special requests. Check out my website for prices and contact me with any questions!

Eternal Optimist | Essie

Essie Eternal Optimist rollin' w the homies \\ Bikini Clothes outfit for woman * teens * dates * stylish * casual * fall * spring * winter * classic * casual * fun * cute* sparkle * summer * makeup * naked palette * love * lipstick * boy * life

Baby Chinchillas

Baby Chinchillas, shame on people who kill these precious animals for fur coats to be worn by creeps like the kardasians and justin beeber, spoiled rich people who have no moral compasses!

1 year old standard Bernedoodle

1 year old standard Bernedoodle - Tap the pin for the most adorable pawtastic fur baby apparel! You'll love the dog clothes and cat clothes!

Increíble tatuaje en la pantorrilla de una rosa creada con técnica de acuarela.

A rose tattoo generally symbolizes a love and passion. In terms of how the tattoo looks, it becomes extraordinarily beautiful with the vibrant color. (One of Ellies tattoos)