Had so much fun doing this with my daughter. You can do this with leaves or flowers. We also spread crayon shavings around the leaves and flowers and they came out so pretty! :)

Kids Craft: Fall leaf stained glass but can do with flowers in the spring too. I couldn't find "contact paper" locally so just used laminent taped sticky side up onto table for less chaos in putting on leaves.

Winter Blues: Throw an Indoor Picnic! HOW TO: create the tree from a roll of craft paper, available in the office supply area at Walmart, and crepe paper from the party section. cut the trunk out first, attaching it to the wall with mounting tape. Then cut out the branches. Hang the crepe paper in long strips to give the effect of sitting under a tree.

Winter Blues: Indoor Picnic

Create a fun Indoor Picnic complete with a tree growing in your house, food, fun and even Cotton Candy Lemonade

Different-sized pieces of tree for children to; explore, construct, incorporate into imaginative play.

Different-sized pieces of tree for children to; explore, construct, incorporate into imaginative play. Would love to have this in my block center

Reggio. Preschool age children were curious about their heights. Teachers measured them then taught them how to measure a piece of yarn to match their height. Here is the finished height chart, complete with names and self portraits by the pre-k children.   Growth Growing Height Chart Compare Contrast Math

We did this in the preschool I work in and the children literally stared at it all time. I knew I had to have one in my classroom!

portraits from recycled objects

Making self portraits from loose parts. Translated from Dutch: "this was an introduction game, we made self portraits from loose parts and then we tried to guess who was who".

sensory wall More

Children explore through touch. With a sensory board/wall, children can touch the different textures to see how they feel.

3-D documentation

previous pinner wrote: "A small sample of children's work on display. - In this project, children created bird-nests using clay and we tested each nest to see if it would protect an egg.

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Amazing outdoor play space for kids- use it for inspiration, love the painted tree slices as stepping "stones"!


Mud kitchen (also known as an outdoor kitchen or mud pie kitchen) is one of the best resources in DIY projects for kids to play outside as kids playhouse.