Ingela P. Arrhenius Posters

Ingela P. Arrhenius Posters

Happy words in Swedish, words that will create such a warm and fuzzy feeling in our hearts. Look em up!

SKILLS & INTERESTS: After spending a lot of time in Sweden and with Swedish people I am fluent in the language both spoken and written.

True... 21: the women are pretty but the boys are the the most delicious thing

Truth about Swedes.<<<as Swede I can tell you this is very accurate, except than I don't give a rats ass about Zlatan or coffee. But yeah black clothes are the best and sorry if I scare you with my intimidating stare.

The Semla Infographic #swedish_food #sweden

Semla is a traditional swedish pastry, originally we ate it on Fat Tuesday every year, but now we eat it any time between late december until easter.

Herrhavreflarn - Semmelwrap eller vanlig semla a l'a Herrhavreflarn.

Semmelwrap eller vanlig semla a l'a Herrhavreflarn.