Brightly painted storage

Mint green is a wonderful color choice for baby nurseries and kids' rooms because it will brighten your space and compliment seasonal decor year round.


Saeting nook and fab wallpaper in the dining area of a serene small space apartment in Sweden. (Ava wallpaper by Sandberg)


Vintage kids' rooms live the wallpaper and yellow lamp is a nice contrast and looks modern

Wallpaper on statement wall of bedroom and modern wall light

This Gorgeous Parisian Tree House Brings the Outside In

A wallpaper to bring some sunshine into any day. Via 13zor (in French).

Colors Selection / Yellow Interior - 13zor, graphiste & conseillère déco - Bruxelles

10 Floral Interior Design Ideas For Your Home. Just take a look at these gorgeous floral interior design ideas.

Bjärka Säby 2924 - Karlslund - Boråstapeter

Bjärka Säby 2924 - Karlslund - Boråstapeter


Keep the displays and furniture on your feature (wallpapered) wall minimal to avoid the feeling of clutter and being overdone.

Wallpaper Rosenholm by Sandberg

Tradition wallpapers by Sandberg. Sandberg Tradition is a cultural-historical narrative about the walls that are the backdrop to our lives. A history of the wallpaper development in Sweden.