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Elin Estvall

Elin Estvall
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New shoes killing your feet? These are a few tips for beating the blisters for a smoother breaking-in phase.

New shoes killing your feet? A patch of cello tape over an area you think will blister for a smoother breaking-in phase. I did this and no blisters!

DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs

DIY: Mosaic Ornaments from CDs- I really want to do this this year. I think they'd be so pretty kinda pushed back into the limbs of the tree so you don't really see them but they make the lights reflect

A neat hike/art project for a camping trip!

DIY Colored Sticks - Ginette Lapalme has created beautiful DIY colored sticks by painting driftwood. This piece of art could be turned into a craft for kids that could .

DIY Q-Tip Flower Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter

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We have rounded up some awesome life hacks that geeky bachelors would love.

All these are awesome except don't do the nutella lid on can thing because food that is left in a can goes bad right away because of the iron and the toaster one will just fling your grilled cheese if you're not careful

33. Gift Wrap | 34 Things You Can Improve With A Sharpie

I adore the simple elegance of this hand-drawn gift wrap from Mini Eco. Using a silver paint pen to draw on brown packing paper looks great, and it would be a fun way to personalize gifts for any occasion!