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Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists: Winter landscapes by 1st grade - one day project

Here is a very simple but very cute way to draw a polar bear. He is made of just a few simple, symmetrical shapes, but if you arrange them the way I have shown, they make an unmistakable bear. • View

WOW! Give each student in the school 1/4 of a circle and then put them all together to make this mural!

Oh' Boy 4th Grade: Thanks, a class, and lots of pics

Find a friend bingo for back to school ~ TeacherKarma.com

finished fireworks painting

Do your kids like to watch fireworks? Want to try out a new painting technique? Create the explosive effects of fireworks with this fun and easy art project. Your one-of-a-kind piece of art will capture a spectacular nighttime display. In this article I'll show you how to use a fun,

Want to create the explosive effects of fireworks in paint? This unique kids' art project will blow you away. It's easy to paint fireworks in an illuminated sky.

Students will use dice to build a snowman. My students love dice drawing games. It is a great activity for a sub day, one day lesson, or even as a station for early finishers. How to Play 1.Roll the dice. 2. Count the dots. 3. Look at the chart to see what monster body part to add to your snowman 4.