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Elin johansson

Elin johansson
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Let yesterday go. Do not worry about tomorrow. Focus on today. On what you can do to take care of yourself. Ask yourself what choosing recovery means today.

Eating Disorder Recovery. ...I'm choosing to get out the door tonight before I do anything that will hurt the Temple. Frustrating.

hope and recovery. one day @ a time, with mindfulness and presence and faith in yourself and the process. ~ thank-you Geneen Roth, Susan and Evolved Eating, and Eating Disorder Hope.

"It never gets easy, but instead, simpler. And your answer gets louder. So you choose it every day until it is no longer a choice." #ed #recovery

I get so scared sometimes , my heart is under so much stress . Hypokalaemia is not fun , eating disorders have destroyed 7 years of my life and taken all my teenage years from me .

Eating disorders are not a joke, a phase in a person's life, or a choice. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Starving yourself will not make you feel better, physically or mentally

No matter how "good" the hunger makes you feel because you are numbed out from actually feeling anything. No matter how thin you become. This is not the answer. This will not solve anything.