Stenplattorna innan rabatt

long perennial border including geraniums, sage, nepetas, anthemis, macleaya cordata and phlox leading to a pergola of roses.

Classic contemporary - beautiful white flowers, green walls, loungers

love the mixture of white roses and lavender in the same rectilinear bed, lovely combination, modern and traditional

Hide The Downspout With A Trellis.

Hide the downspout with a trellis. Hide your rain spout by transforming into a decorative climbing support for your favorite flowering climbing vine. I really like this idea and it looks great too.

Snygg kombo - lavendel och silverpäron

Snygg kombo - lavendel och silverpäron (Almbacken)

Almbacken: Stylish combo - lavender and silver pear The silver trees are Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula'

Fristående skärmvägg, dubbelsidig, fyrkantstav, svart, buxbomsklot

Dark colored, anthracite wooden fence that works well as screen or background for planting in light colours

Strakke moderne tuin

Backyard for the smaller maple trees

mein kleiner garten.

Vom Rasen zum Landhausgarten

Mix of edibles and ornamentals?

Stöd för Bärbuskar Hasselfors Garden - Buskstöd - Växtstöd -

Stöd för Bärbuskar Hasselfors Garden

Fun and easy way to spread out and manage the workload!

Klätterhortensia i kruka

Climbing hydrangea in pots makes a great privacy screen

Kekkilä, Marjapensastuki ja Koristekate hiilenmusta

Kekkilä, Marjapensastuki ja Koristekate hiilenmusta

Frodighet. Rabatt m många lättodlade perenner. Skapar liv, planterar du dom tätt så behöver du inte rensa ogräs.

Trädgårdsinspiration hos Kajsa på Enkla Ting (Add simplicity)

Sittplats under pergola, fast faluröd och täckt med vildvin.

Trädäck med integrerad plantering

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Really want theese to keep my peonies upright

Stöd för buskar Hasselfors garden love this plant guard


Eplans Landscape Plan: There are few places more tranquil, more relaxing or more cooling on a hot summer day than a garden with a view of the water--even if the water is no more than a garden pool.

Bildresultat för dragbart segeltak

Lush backyard with light pergola , outdoor lighting and seating area