Mary Klundt I think that this is an interesting concept as a graphic. I really like the collision of the lines as well as the very simple break down of the picture. It may be a little saucy, but I still think that this is an interesting take on an image.

don kenn

This image found in a virtual domain was very difficult to make any sense out of. There are random characters everywhere and odd images put together which makes it impossible to tell if its from a book, comic, or just someone's doodle so it is under a hi


Illustration - illustration - Another fabulous cocktails illustration by Hennie Haworth. illustration : – Picture : – Description Another fabulous cocktails illustration by Hennie Haworth.

Using maps to create illustrations of portraits! This is inventive and different? It would be good to show within a piece of work that's a portrait of someone who loves to travel.

funny-maps-portrait-painting-faces-texturess maybe im a fangirl but this reminds me of Gaea in the heroes of Olympus series

A fase lunar denominada LUA NEGRA acontece mensalmente, nos três dias que antecedem a lua nova. Durante este período, o fino disco da lua minguante diminui até desaparecer na escuridão da noite. Tendo em vista que a luz da lua, é na verdade, a luz solar refletida pelo disco lunar, poderíamos dizer que a lua negra 'mostra' a verdadeira face oculta da lua. (Link informações)

tribute to my fav band and just a awesome piece of art in itself, imagine it would look nice black and white as a tattoo.

4 x mini art prints Urban Botanic