Framed birch art

DIY Inspiration aus Naturmateralien: Eingerahmte Birkenzweige >> Framed birch art- totally going to do this with my old vintage window or this way!

Inspiring Homes: Nurin Kurin | NORDIC DAYS | interior | design | home

Green Thumb: The Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow In Your Home - The cascading greenery of an English ivy is the perfect, subtle touch of nature for your home. And according to WebMD, it’s one of the most air-purifying indoor plants.

my scandinavian home: A serene Norwegian home on a hill

The sitting room and beautiful art in a serene Norwegian home on a hill. Nina Holst Super cool and updated ideas that combined the super style of modern sleek line with retro iconic designs proving that modern can be retro as well.