a quick desktop makeover....use your favorite  pics & glass or plexi

a quick desktop makeover. Buy a piece of plexi glass to put on dorm desk. using a desk in craft room, I'll use fabric under the plexi glass.


A Round Belted Mirror, IKEA mirror + 3 H&M leather belts, brown would be nice.


plants against a red wall - aloes and other succulents at the bottom. and that one in the middle looks like nasturtium but too neat and tidy (anyone know what it is?) It's a Chinese money plant


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hanging planters

Handmade stoneware hanging pots from Tracy Wilkinson of TW Pottery. These slightly asymmetrical pots are simply finished in glazed/ unglaz.


Indoor plants, cactus, and house plants. All the green and growing potted plants. Foliage and botanical design

BRUSALI bed frame

IKEA - BRUSALI, Bedside table, white, , The door can be hung with the opening to the right or the left.Inside there is room for an extension socket for your

Kök Södermalm Fantastic Frank

utvalda / Selected Interiors #3

Terrariums to control the moisture and humidity keeping forgetful plant moms in the green