Growing strawberries while keeping birds & squirrels out.

Growing strawberries - 12 feet by feet; and has four hinged lids with hooks and handles. The lids have hardware cloth to let the pollinators in and still keep the birds and squirrels this in raised, counter height, beds.

Raspberry Support ~ Brilliant Idea

Raspberry trellis using hog fencing - would work as a living fence for raspberries or maybe even roses?

Growing Raspberries - Raspberry Raised Bed System |

Our cedar Raspberry Raised Bed is L x W x H and holds five plants. It includes an integrated support system with heavy-gauge plastic monofilament line and special tensioners to keep rambling raspberry plants contained and upright.

Kültéri hangulatvilágítás - Nowodvorski Cumulus

Kültéri hangulatvilágítás - Nowodvorski Cumulus

Klätterros - Gerbe Rose | @my casa

En av mina rosfavoriter i Myrbergs Trädgård är Gerbe Rose!

Raspberries growing in a raised bed

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