Dubánek záchodový - - Made from acorns .Something about the origin dubánků I…

Bekijk de foto van Susanneha met als titel kleintje van hazelnoten en andere inspirerende plaatjes op Welke.nl.

5 Fall DIY projects via Petits petits tresors - hazelnut and pipe cleaner squirrel

19 cone ideas

Pinecone Reindeer: Pipe cleaners and a wooden bead turn a pinecone into one of Santa's Christmas Eve helpers.

Eekhoorns van hazelnoten en pijpenragers Eichhörnchen aus Haselnuss Mehr

Autumn DIY Cute Squirrels No instructions, but .all you need is some glue, two hazelnuts and a brown pipe cleaner

19 cone ideas

Pine Cone Spiders: A Creepy-Cute Nature Craft for Kids! Make sure you buy eyes in various sizes, count how many are on a real spider (online close up image), and maybe put less on your pine cone to look "a bit cuter.

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