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Honestly this describes my life.

Honestly this describes my life.


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Then again if you were already pursuing other girls than I'm glad I walked away. I'm not a fool. Fool enough not to know your sneaky ways but not gonna be fooled enough to let it happen ever again.

If you are living with depression these words will be very true for you. Remember you are not alone! This post also includes a agreat resource to help you feel like yourself again!

Living with depression is debilitating sometimes. The conflicting feelings and thoughts, the utter emptiness and lack of anything, and trying to hold it together when everything is falling apart inside.

Goal, Target

Poster - Fika is

I live in Sweden and "fika" to me is mostly sweet stuff like cookies and cakes, it was just some years ago I realised some swedes only mean coffee break and I'm there looking for the cookies and buns 🍩🥐🥛☕🍪 = FIKA!