Guest quarters

inspiration from IKEA I'm probably not the only one to dream of suddenly discovering that I have had an extra room. A room that is not yet reserved for a specific purpose, a place where I can start from scratch.

Swedish galley kitchen

Want to know how to bring Swedish kitchen decor in your home? When looking into Swedish kitchen decor, try to envision all the possibilities and focus on simplicity.

Ikea bathroom

here are some small bathroom design tips you can apply to maximize that bathroom space. Checkout Of The Best Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas".

Water Closet

A comfy interior design of a small apartment of only 31 square meters in a nice decorative way using practical furniture and white color for the walls, & more

Scandinavian/Farmhouse style window shelf

Home Tour: Farmhouse Renovation

Put a shelf over a window and use the shelf brackets to hold a curtain rod- genius and beautiful AND gives a completely finished off look. I like the idea of having a shelf over the window in the kitchen or bedroom.