How to Make Fruit Race Cars by ehow: Fun and healthy. #Kids #Healthy_Snacks #Fruit

How to Make Fruit Race Cars for Kids

Such a great idea to help kids eat more fruit! Apples and grapes come together to make these awesome fruit race cars. Make it fun and watch them gobble it all up! Go grapes, go!

Found on! Top 15 Snacks for Natural Energy

7 Easy Appetizer and Party Snack Ideas Healthy-Snacks As hard as you tried to avoid it, you were put on the list for veggie tray. Well bring your veggie tray with a bang, and put the vegetables in their own cups with ranch.

Enklaste och godaste glasstårtan. Den här gör du på tio minuter.

NO BAKING REQD! Ice Cream Sandwich cake that is to die for!-OMG the answer to ice cream cakes.may take a lot of toffuttis, but there is an answer!

Biblical Homemaking: our Ava girl is 5, our family birthday tradition + one of the best parenting moments yet

Cinnabuns birthday breakfast - our Ava girl is our family birthday tradition, and one of the best parenting moments yet

Pancake Stacks for Baby's First Birthday

Healthy and Unique Birthday Cake Ideas for Baby

Neat idea for kids birthday party. Tie balloons to party favors for decoration and then let kids take them home

Neat idea for a kid's birthday party, tie balloons to favor bags. They will be festive party decor, plus every kid wants to take home a balloon! maybe that way I don't forget to give the favors tobtge kids!

Looking for a creative way to add a fruit platter to your holiday buffet? Why not try these adorable fruit cornucopias. All you need are waffle cones and your favorite fruits to stuff inside. Th...

Fruit Cornucopia Platter

What fun, sweet treat? Fill these waffle cones full of fresh fruit for a summer snack, or picnic dessert. Healthy bonus: they are full of anti-oxidants! (Use red and blue fruits, maybe mini marshallows too?


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Doctors at the International Council for Truth in Medicine are revealing the truth about diabetes that has been suppressed for over 21 years.

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