The Ziger Macher (The Watch Mender) by Nathan Altman, 1914

Lot 'The Ziger Macher (the watch mender)' - Fine Art Auctions. Buying & Selling Israeli And Judaica Art

Natan Altman - Portrait of Esther Schwartzmann (A Lady with a Dog) - 1911

Nathan Altman (Russian artist, Lady With A Dog, Portrait Of Esther Schwartzmann 1911

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The Promenade - Marc Chagall Completion Date: 1918 Place of Creation: Liozna, near Vitebsk, Belarus Style: Cubism Genre: genre painting Technique: oil Material: canvas Dimensions: x cm Gallery: Russian Museum, St.

Still Life with a White Jug - Nathan Altman, 1919

Nathan Altman Still Life. Colored Bottles and Planes. Oil and plaster on canvas.

Natan Altman....Russian artist during the "Silver Age" prior to the Revolution.

Russian artist during the "Silver Age" prior to the Revolution.

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