Best botlane by Ellise93

Finished up an old drawing I started working on literally years ago.

Demon hunter Felilia by Ellise93

Demon hunter Felilia by

Ofelia portrait by Ellise93

Quick doodle of my warlock.

A concept I drew a few years ago as an application to art school. Plague doctor with scythe

Ofelia Coloring test by Ellise93

Ofelia Coloring test by

For Lunar by Ellise93

Simple character sheet commission for For Lunar

I'll adc if you just carry me by Ellise93

Painted in Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai. Characters belong to Riotgames - League of Legends. I'll adc if you just carry me

Huntress - Repaint by Ellise93

Repaint of this v Tools used: Photosho/Paint tool Sai Huntress - Repaint

Gidrim - Commission by Ellise93

Commission - Blood elf warlock Gidrim in a revelaing Nemesis set and her two demons.

Golden Fish Nami by Ellise93

Golden Fish Nami by

Miss Spider by Ellise93

A little something for It's Miss Spider from James and the Giant Peach. Miss Spider

Sophielle by Ellise93

Sophielle by Ellise93

Wildstar Draken Portrait by Ellise93

Just tried the Wildstar beta and I'm playing a Draken! There's a couple of flaws, but I don't ave the energy to continue painting on this at the moment.

Oktoberfest by Ellise93

- Despite the fact that we don't really celebrate it here in Sweden!