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Blood of Olympus art by nandoo23 ---- Oh my gosh, I love this so freaking much!!!!

BoO perfect moments<--- Frank and Hazel are hugging Leo :'( they know his plan

The Mr. Darcy / Mr. Thornton smoulder <3

Richard Armitage perfected it! > The Darcy / Thornton smoulder. Colin Firth (Pride and Prejudice) versus Richard Armitage (North and South)>>>. Where do I pin this? Richard Armitage or Pride and Prejudice?


loneliest people - are the kindest, the saddest people - smile the brightest, the most damaged people - are the wisest. The thing is, this usually shows three different people but in Merlin it's just Merlin because he applies to ALL!

Perfection  |  The Musketeers | Athos  | In love

"Headcanon: Athos can play the violin, and studied music alongside his brother when they were young. Since Thomas’ death, he hasn’t played a single note, but he’ll hum some of the old songs they would play together on particularly sentimental nights.